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Releases mental blocks and draws off negativity.

Chakras: Sacral, Crown.
Meridians: Liver, Gall Bladder.
Element: Wood.

This essence works on an etheric level in a similar manner to the way in which the plant works at a physical level. Plantain helps us to release bitterness and resentment, which over time produces calcification and rigidity in the Body/Mind. It actually dissolves the negative thought patterns which keep us stuck and which can eventually lead to emotional and physical disorders if left unchecked.

Acting through the Liver meridian, it helps us to recognize and to release unhelpful thoughts as they come into consciousness. It is especially useful when we have repetitive thoughts and we feel we have no control over them. At the emotional level it dissolves the frustration and resentment that often arise when we are critical and judgmental.

Through its connection with the Crown chakra it enables us to bring the vision of Unity consciousness to bear on all the events and people in our lives, including ourselves.

Physically this remedy is most effective for blood and liver disorders. It works effectively on any condition of physical toxicity resulting from mental or emotional poisons, like migraine headaches and indigestion.

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flower essence
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plantago major
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