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Accepting life as it is, at the moment.

Chakras: Crown, Heart.
Meridians: Kidney, Bladder.
Element: Water.
Snowberry dissolves resistance to ""what is"" and gently leads us to acceptance. Situations and experiences may not appear to ""make sense."" Nonetheless we can embrace them wholeheartedly.

Embracing 'what is,"" even when it is painful, can lead to that exquisite experience of ecstasy. Snowberry guides us to this place of being fully alive in the moment.

The soul is a fragment of the Light. On its journey through life it encounters shadows and darkness even within itself. Only by acknowledging and embracing the dark can we move again into the Light. If we resist, the darkness intensifies.

Working through the Crown chakra we remember who we are and accept ""what is"" as a challenge. Snowberry fortifies the link between the Crown and Heart chakras and leads to vibrancy of the Heart.

Physically it is effective for chronic fatigue syndrome and seasonal affected disorders.

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flower essence
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symphoricarpus albus
25ml dropper bottle

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