Poison Hemlock

Poison Hemlock

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For letting go; for moving through transition periods without getting stuck.

Chakra: Crown.
Meridian: Gall Bladder.
Element: Wood.
Note: Due to its highly poisonous nature, the Mother essence is diluted to a 6C homeopathic potency to ensure that no physical residue remains in the remedy.

This essence dissolves the emotional, mental and physical paralysis which can arise in periods of transition and major change. It is especially effective if we somehow believe that the change is being initiated from outside ourselves, and therefore something over which we have no control. Paralysis is one way to avoid the present, to deny experience, and to relinquish our power.

Physically it acts on holding patterns in the body - constipation, fluid retention, overweight, and any kind of paralysis in the physical structure or the nervous system. It is effective for stalled labour in the birthing process.

Emotionally it helps us to release rigid feelings and to convert the energy of fear into excitement so that we can use the energy to move forward.

Mentally, Poison Hemlock allows us to release ingrained thought patterns, i.e. repetitive, and often quite unconscious, thoughts which do not serve us in the moment.

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flower essence
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conium maculatum
25ml dropper bottle

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