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For hopelessness, endurance, preparedness; attuning to our own inner rhythms.

Chakra: Solar Plexus.
Meridians: Stomach, Spleen.
Element: Earth.
Wallflowers are very noticeable even if they are paralyzingly shy.

This remedy will assist in communication about inner worlds. It helps crosss the boundaries between seeing, feeling, and hearing type learners - ""if you could see what I feel.""

It dispels that sense of hopelessness which is often experienced when we feel misunderstood and like we can't find the right means to make ourselves understood.

""The world speaks to me in pictures, my soul answers in music. "" says Tagore. This is the gift of Wallflower. We can actually honour and even delight in the many manifestations of divinity in form. Wallflower is truly a medicine for saints and mystics i.e. appreciation of the individual who can step to the beat of a different drummer.

Through its entry into the Solar Plexus chakra it cleanses the imprints of old emotional pain resulting from feeling like the ""ugly duckling.""

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