Vanilla Leaf

Vanilla Leaf

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Affirmation and acceptance of one's self.

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown.
Meridians: Lung, Large Intestine.
Element: Metal.
Like the flower from which it is taken the Vanilla Leaf essence demonstrates both our groundedness and our desire to reach towards the fulfilment of our full potential. Associated with the Lung meridian in Chinese medicine it symbolizes the taking in of prana via the respiratory system and the conversion of prana to vital energy to sustain life. Vanilla Leaf reminds us to celebrate our uniqueness and the unique patterns we have chosen for our earth plane experience.

This is a remedy of exuberance and joy and acceptance and primarily works via the emotional - how we feel about ourselves, to the mental - how we think about ourselves, and then to the physical. Physically it works on skin disorders and any physical problems which relate back to self-denigration and lack of self-love.

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flower essence
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achlys triphylla
25ml dropper bottle

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