Purple Crocus

Purple Crocus

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For resolving tension generated from grief and loss.

Chakra: Throat.
Meridian: Lung.
Element: Metal.
This essence enhances our ability to attune with all aspects of pain and grief and to release the tension and restriction around these experiences.

Primarily an emotional remedy, it helps us to feel the energy of loss and allows us to respond from exactly who we are and where we are rather than from cultural conditioning. There is no appropriate manner by which to express grief. It just is. Embracing the ""isness"" of it allows us to experience the depths of our own being.

Purple Crocus enters via the Throat chakra to the emotional body and impacts on physical tension especially in the upper back and shoulders. It helps to release the heaviness and tension related to loss and allows us to experience grief and emptiness without resistance. As such it is effective for those who, after a loss, turn their own blocked energy against themselves and could create life threatening diseases. It assists the Lungs, the channel related to grief in Chinese medicine, to do their job of providing life giving energy to the whole physical body.

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flower essence
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crocus tomasinianus
25ml dropper bottle

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