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For contacting Spirit; for ability to transmit healing energies; to improve choice-making; attunes to the gentleness of nature.

Chakras: Throat, Back Neck.
Meridian: Triple Warmer.
Element: Fire.
This particular essence is made from a group of 7 trees right on the edge of the water. The trees create an amazing energy field, and when you stand in the middle of it your whole body is enlivened. Standing in the middle of these ""seven beings"" is sacred space.

Poplar trees are giants which pull us into the gentleness of nature. Their leaves are shimmering green and silver - green for healing and silver for receiving higher spiritual energies, and then gold in the fall for transmitting these healing forces. The sound of these leaves as the wind whispers through them is a call to Spirit. It is a call to Nature. It is a gentle reminder of our 'sameness' with, and connection to, Nature.

As the remedy connects with the Triple Warmer channel, it harmonizes the flow of energy in a spiralling upward movement from Tan Den and Ming Men, through the Heart centre and up through the Crown and tunes the physical instrument to a higher frequency.

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flower essence
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Populus tremuloides
25ml dropper bottle

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