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Accesses the power to visualize oneself in a state of deep relaxation.

Chakra: Third Eye.
Meridians: Small Intestine, Spleen.
Elements: Fire, Earth.
Goatsbeard enables us to see ourselves as calm and relaxed in stressful situations. It activates the thymus gland to deal with stress effectively. This is the remedy of non-action, of resolving tension by creating a state of inner alignment before taking action.

Goatsbeard reminds us that desires can be fulfilled only when we are willing to balance mental, physical and emotional by pausing in peace. Only then can we be fully able to respond to whatever life presents to us. Rest before activity brings greater fulfillment from the action.

Primarily a remedy for the Mental aspect, it is also related to the Small Intestine meridian in Chinese medicine and assists with the assimilation of experience. Its connection with the Spleen strengthens the immune system and promotes the production of white blood cells.

Physically it will be helpful with any stress-related disorder by permitting us to relax and to rejuvenate our body chemistry.

For people who are using visualization as a primary tool in self-healing, this remedy is of great assistance in the centering process.

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flower essence
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aruncus sylvester
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