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Dissolves blocks to abundance consciousness; transforms attitudes of scarcity into ones of worthiness and willingness to receive.

Chakra: Root.
Meridians: Large Intestine, Lung.
Element: Metal.
Polyanthus helps us to dissolve the blocks which we have to claiming our true heritage. Entering via the Root chakra and spiralling upwards to the Crown, it is a reminder that the kingdom of heaven is within, now, and not some future desirable state. It creates abundance consciousness, attracts abundance, and treats unworthiness at whatever level it is manifesting. It also reminds us to recognize and to be grateful for the existing abundance in our lives, i.e. we may have vibrant physical health but be totally focused on our lack of financial resources. Gratitude for whatever abundance we already have is a way of opening to abundance in other areas of our lives.

In Chinese medicine this essence balances the energy within the Metal element. It supports the Lungs and Large Intestine to perform their function of purification for the Body/Mind by breathing in the pure Qi from heaven and eliminating waste. Physically it affects the respiratory and elimination systems.

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flower essence
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primula X polyanthus
25ml dropper bottle

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