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Acknowledging and experiencing timelessness; being fully present and able to respond.

Chakras: Throat, Root.
Meridian: Gall Bladder.
Element: Wood.
This remedy is about harnessing all resources and being fully present without any thought of what has come before or what might transpire in the future. It allows us to be in the cosmic flow and to respond impeccably, as if each action has impact on the whole.

Chickweed nourishes the Throat chakra and allows us to express ourselves freely and easily. It supports the Gall Bladder channel to release tension and to give up its need for control. We can lighten up and experience the magic of this instant!

This is an excellent remedy for releasing grievances from the past and for ""taking no thought"" for the future. It helps us to see ourselves and our world as if this moment is the only time there is.

Chickweed is most helpful for health practitioners, therapists and counselors who need to be able to be present and available for their clients. It is also effective when one is stuck in any kind of emotional drama or thought process.

Primarily a mental and spiritual essence, we have also received reports that it has been used effectively for losing weight. Excess weight can often represent a kind of stuckness, and carrying the baggage from old emotional hurts.

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flower essence
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stellaria media
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