Grass Widow

Grass Widow

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Releases old beliefs and limiting patterns.

Chakra: Heart.
Meridians: Stomach, Large Intestine.
Elements: Earth, Metal.
Primarily a mental remedy, Grass Widow assists us to question our beliefs and to be able to change them if they are not working for us. If we are not radiant and at peace with ourselves, this essence assists in identifying the underlying belief pattern and strengthens the will to release it. This includes beliefs about ourselves and others.

Grass Widow relates to the challenges of the structures we have chosen in this life - family, work, religion etc. The choice can be to detach from the structures which are not in alignment with our greater purpose.

Mentally it relates to the indigestibility of unevaluated beliefs and physically to digestion problems especially those related to food intolerances.

Emotionally it relates to the fear around letting go of the illusion of comfortable discomfort if we find ourselves in a belief system which does not have the support of mass consciousness.

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flower essence
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sisyrinchium douglasii
25ml dropper bottle

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