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For identification and resolution of conflicts by going to the centre of the problem/fear. From there the issue(s) can be faced by determining what is essential and nurturing to the Self.

Chakras: Root, Sacral.
Meridian: Stomach.
Element: Earth.
Narcissus is the slayer of internal dragons, the little voices of fear which surface when life experiences seem to be a cycle of endless challenges. It helps us to digest experiences and use them for further growth. It calms that feeling of 'butterflies in the Stomach.' In Chinese medicine the Earth element requires support through nourishment. In the healthy Stomach channel the energy flows downwards from heaven to earth. When this flow is disrupted due to undigested ideas or emotions, there is a tendency for the energy flow to reverse and disturb the mind. This imbalance manifests as a preoccupation with details and obsessive thinking.

Narcissus affects the Root chakra, our connection to the earth and our impulse for survival. It assists us to feel really grounded.

Physically, Narcissus promotes digestion and helps with digestive disorders- excess stomach acid, ulcers, gas, and belching.

Mentally it alleviates worry.

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flower essence
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narcissus pseudo-narcissus
25ml dropper bottle

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