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Catalyst to opening to new attitudes which reflect one's true inner nature.

Chakra: Solar Plexus.
Meridian: Large Intestine.
Element: Metal.
Camellia is an essence of expansion beyond self-inflicted limitations. It allows us to express the unique aspect of the vital force within us and to align with our own inner power. We can release old thought and behaviour patterns which do not serve us well.

Via the Solar Plexus chakra Camellia releases cell memory of earlier experiences in this life. As a child we may have felt shamed by our inability to do something or by doing something which we were told was bad. This guilt and shame is stored in the Solar plexus chakra where it can run interference in current life experience. Camellia helps us to respond to present experience with gracefulness. It assists the Large Intestine channel to eliminate old feelings, thoughts, and attitudes about ourselves. It accesses self-trust and creates attitudinal shifts. By dissolving our protective armour we can transform into flexibility and openness.

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flower essence
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camellia sasanqua
25ml dropper bottle

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