Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

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Allows for freedom of choice by discovering the simplest mode of behaviour.

Chakra: Throat.
Meridian: Heart.
Element: Fire.
Lily of the Valley brings us back to that state of child-like innocence and wisdom where we only know how to respond with loving behaviour. It puts us in touch with that place within ourselves that existed before our lives were complicated by ""shoulds"" and all the other layers of conditioning we learned in order to survive and to get love and approval.

Lily of the Valley is an emotional tonic which helps us to see ""through the eyes of a child."" It connects us with the inner radiance and vitality in the heart centre. It helps us to listen with the ears of the heart and gives us the courage to express ourselves with clarity, trust, simplicity and ease.

People who live their lives bound by convention and seeking social approval can benefit from Lily-of-the-Valley. Through its gentle energy each person can access their own unique essence within.

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flower essence
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Convallaria majalis
25ml dropper bottle

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