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For giving up constraints; opening the channels of communication.

Chakra: Throat.
Meridians: Lung, Kidney.
Elements: Metal, Water.
Fear prevents us from expressing ourselves: fear of being noticed, fear of being ridiculed, fear of being punished. Very early in life we learned to behave in ways for which we were rewarded, and we carry these cell memories into adult life where they stifle our ability to align with and to express our inner being.

Bluebell helps us to release old programmes and to engage in what really fulfills us. It allows us to step out from the imagined comfort of being in the crowd and to express our own uniqueness. It fortifies our courage to ""follow our bliss.""

The violet blue colour of Bluebell resonates with the Throat chakra, the centre of self-expression. It is effective for emotionally caused speech disorders and autistic behaviour patterns. It combats shyness and that feeling of discomfort that arises when we feel unable to make ourselves understood or when we are afraid of being judged.

At a physical level this remedy affects problems related to deficient energy in the Lung and Kidney channels. It boosts low energy and combats fatigue. It promotes the ability to breathe during panic or anxiety attacks. It strengthens the will and alleviates fear, especially fear of being seen and self-expression.

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endymion non scriptus
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