Harvest Lily

Harvest Lily

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Supportive to group energy; supports the ability to see another's point of view.

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Crown.
Meridians: Triple Warmer, Heart Protector.
Element: Fire.
This is a remedy of expansion and awakening. It helps the individual to move beyond ego boundaries and to begin to appreciate ""other"" as the same Self. Here the potential for true community exists. Real community can only evolve from that place of ""Namaste"" - a Sanskrit word meaning ""I acknowledge that place in you where we are both the same.""

Harvest Lily works with the Fire element in Chinese medicine and especially the Triple Warmer and Heart Protector meridians. Both of these channels have to do with relationship. It is useful for resolving tensions in interpersonal relationships. When an individual feels harmonious and balanced, that energy radiates out into the group.

Emotionally, it provides an energy matrix for the unification of group energy. It is particularly helpful when two opposing groups are involved in negotiating a win/win outcome.

This remedy can be generally applied to disorders of reproduction and elimination, digestion and absorption, or respiratory and cardiac problems if their source is an imbalance in Fire.

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flower essence
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brodiaea coronaris
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