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Decision-maker; clears ambivalence.

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Throat.
Meridians: Spleen, Liver, Kidney.
Elements: Earth, Wood, Water.
Pipsissewa helps to release the worry and confusion around the choices we need to make in order to get on with our lives. Often we get caught up in ""ifs"" and lose sight of our goal. Mental activity can begin to sound like a broken record as we get caught up in emotional drama around decision making. The corollary of making choices is that we cannot be a victim, for we have charted our own course. Choosing is a responsible act.

Pipsissewa also helps to resolve the frustration around having made a choice which seems not to turn out the way we thought it would. Instead of wasting energy bewailing where we find ourselves, the essence will help move us to the point of power in the present where we can make a new choice.

Physically it impacts upon the brain and awakens that area involved in choice. It also impacts on dis-ease stemming from deficient energy in the Spleen, Liver, and Kidney channels.

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flower essence
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chimaphila umbellata
25ml dropper bottle

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