Purple Magnolia

Purple Magnolia

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Promotes intimacy and non-separateness; enhances all the senses.

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Crown.
Meridian: Heart Protector.
Element: Fire.
Purple Magnolia elevates sexuality to its full potential for intimacy and non-separateness. At another level it heightens our experience of all our senses and allows us the awareness and appreciation of wind and sun and rain and the scent of flowers and the earth. It eliminates our preoccupation with thoughts and allows us to experience feeling and sensation without labelling.

Primarily a remedy for the spirit, it physically affects the sensory systems, especially smell, touch, and feeling.

In Chinese medicine the Heart Protector is also called the Circulation Sex channel and is responsible for maintaining balanced sexual function. In this regard Purple Magnolia can be used as effectively for those who 'crave' sexual activity as for those who withdraw from intimacy.

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flower essence
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magnolia soulangeana
25ml dropper bottle

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