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Seeing the light in our shadow, particularly in our family of origin, reconciliation with our roots. -- Garden Essence --

For anyone untangling the complex gifts and liabilities of one's family of origin, Bloodroot Flower Essence is a Godsend.
Bloodroot supports a letting go of inner and outer conflict and judgment about our Earth family. It resurrects this experience of judgment into a timeless awareness of our essential purity as an eternal child of God and the unique gifts to be found within the living Divinity of our Earth family.
Bloodroot flower, with its roots oozing dark red liquid and its blossoms a dazzling pure white, echoes the truth that our familial roots, with all their bloody entanglements, are the very source of our purest flowerings and offer fuel for our journey back to God.
Bloodroot, like Black Currant, shares the same territory for its work: the river of our family of origin. Both Essences also share the same goal of freeing us from the strands of generational ego detritus so that we can experience the pure, vital and powerful gifts within our family river of origin. You might say that Black Currant is the river cleanser and Bloodroot illuminates and reveals the unique gifts of our family river.
When we choose our family of origin, we choose a bloodline that holds specific strands of wisdom and genetic expertise. These strands form the spiritual current of our family. Every family's current is unique but the source of every family bloodline or river is God.
A family's unique spiritual current plays a very key role in why we decide to incarnate in a specific family. Our task, once on Earth, is to see these spiritual family strengths as clearly as we could see them in Heaven and to not let family ego detritus interfere with our use of these strengths. This detritus is ego motivated behavior which is almost always an attempt to stifle the strength and power of a family's Divine wisdom.
When we incarnate, we embody both the God strengths of our family as well as its tendencies to practice the same ego behaviors and believe the same ego illusions. These ego tendencies are tenacious because we and all our ancestors have watched and imitated each others' approaches to everything for generations, thus ingraining harmful patterns in our genetic code. These habits often become so ingrained in family rivers, filling up so much of the river with familiar but erroneous ideas and behaviors, that this detritus all but obscures the powerful currents of true wisdom underneath.
The key thing which we all must learn to do is differentiate between the God given gifts in our family rivers and the ego patterns. Black Currant Flower Essence works to break the hold familial ego patterns have on our consciousness and energy system so we can let them go. Bloodroot Flower Essence helps us let go of these familial habits, fears, and emotional ruts by illuminating the pure gifts of spiritual truths, purposeful currents and unconditional love which were always there within the family's lifeblood. Bloodroot is like a very powerful beam of light which can cut through the surface muck to illuminate the treasures below. Bloodroot is a vibrational hundredth monkey which can help a whole family bloodstream finally see itself and its powerful God strengths clearly.
The analogy spirit gives is this: Imagine a family with no memory of using the gift of fire, only a fear of its powers. Cold in their cave, this family might trade tips on the best way to stomp out any fires that come near their home whether due to thunderstorms or because of visitors who bring embers of a fire with them. Bloodroot's illumination of the situation might reveal that the family can actually handle the gift of fire and in fact, know alot about fire handling. It might help them remember that fire is a blessing not a curse, a gift that will keep them warm and help in a number of other ways. Black Currant will help erase the family's programming to destroy and fear all fires. Bloodroot would help with the necessary paradigm shift so that the family can realize the power of fire and accept the family's particular God given talent to manage fire.
Bloodroot offers itself to every river of every family. Its widespread presence as an early spring wetlands wildflower reminds us of this generosity. Bloodroot knows that our creator's gifts of clarity, discernment and pure God consciousness are there for everyone and flow in every family river. Not only does it know this, it offers to help you find the strengths of your bloodline and embody this wisdom as well.

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