Black Currant

Black Currant

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Cleanses and purifies our etheric body of the detritus of the
past seven generations of our family, all of which is often still held in our energy system unbeknownst to us. -- Garden Essence --

Black Currant and Bloodroot Essences are intertwined For a fuller understanding of both Essences please read both Black Currant's and Bloodroot's definitions.
Black Currant helps release past life trauma from the etheric body. Black Currant also heals and cleanses our etheric body of detritus from seven generations of ancestors. This means we no longer have to carry the baggage of our previous incarnations or our ancestors' baggage but can be free to regain an unparalleled level of energetic vitality.
Recently a woman called to ask for remedies for herself, her mother and her grandmother. Each woman was in an abusive marital relationship. Spirit suggested that each of the three woman take Black Currant, explaining ""Families are like rivers. If you clean up one section of the river the cleansing immediately impacts the rest of the river."" Spirit went on to explain ""This family is burdened by many generations of patterned attachment to abusive relationships yet the miracle is that while this connection looks strong as well as relentless, it's defenses can be breached anywhere in time by anyone carrying the family baggage. Having the three woman simultaneously open to resolving this pattern with the assistance of Black Currant is vibrational strategy that will heal this family profoundly.""

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