Precious Blood

Precious Blood

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Mixture of all our red flowers, many orange flowers and all Essences vibrationally linked to blood or bloodlines. This one is for the unlimited Goddess in each of us.
During a few days in August '99 there was a flurry of calls from a number of you dear people seeking a new mix. One of you wanted something for your fatigue at the end of a summer of intense mothering. Several of you felt your energy systems were extremely tired for no specific reason. Another had been through a shocking experience of bloodletting and felt it was hard to let go of the burden of the experience. Yet another was working through issues of fertility, making peace with a period that kept arriving even when it was no longer wanted. Someone else, who had been working with a mix of all yellow flowers, wanted to discuss a shift in Essences. While there seemed to be no direct correlation between all the calls, in fact they were all nudges for us to make this mixture, Precious Blood. The Angels gave us the recipe and we bottled up a batch. I don't think it was more than 10 seconds old before all of us were dipping in. Each of these people who called got a bottle within days of mixing this group and the mix started flying out of here to all corners of the globe.
What is in Precious Blood? It contains all our Essences made from red flowers including our new roses. Many orange flowers associated with the second chakra are in the mix as are all the Essences which are vibrationally linked to blood or bloodlines.
Why the name? We have no idea why such a conventionally religious name but can tell you that this mix is for the Goddess in you in her most unlimited form.

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