Calling All Angels

Calling All Angels

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Calling All Angels is an invocation formula that helps you contact the love, guidance, and protection of the angelic realm. It brings a very soft, loving, and serene energy into your heart, physical body and environment. A Sacred Space essence. Also available as an aromatherapy spray.

Use it to:

  • Strengthen the knowledge that you are guided, supported, and protected by the angels.
  • Come into a stronger awareness of your own angelic nature.
  • Experience the love and the angelic kingdom in your physical body.
  • Bring the essence of JOY and PEACE back in to your life.
  • Create a sacred and protected space for sleeping and dreaming.
  • Make a stronger connection to the divine feminine.

Calling All Angels is composed of the following essences: Angelica, Chalice Well, Chiming Bells, Kunzite.

A Sacred Space essence, also available as a spray (60ml).

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