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Travel Ease

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Travel Ease is specifically designed to ease the negative effects of air travel, including jet lag. It helps maintain the overall integrity of our energy field, which is affected by the electromagnetic radiation, noise and vibration generated by the plane, as well as promoting the ongoing release of any toxic or unwanted energies that we absorb during the flight.

This formula supports the establishment and maintenance of functional energy boundaries. If you are environmentally sensitive and have difficulty being confined in small, constricted spaces for long periods of time, Travel Ease will help you.

Use Travel Ease:

  • To help you maintain the overall integrity of your energy field, which is challenged by electromagnetic radiation generated by the planes avionics and wiring, and by the noise and vibration generated by the plane during flight.
  • To promote the ongoing release of any toxic or unwanted energies that you absorb during your flight. This accumulation of ""airborne"" pollutants in the auric field during a long flight is one of the main factors contributing to jet lag.
  • To help you maintain your grounding during the flight by keeping your body energies synchronized and aligned with the Earth's energy field as you move from one location to another. For many, the disorientation that comes from travelling to new places and from moving through multiple time zones is the worst part of the travelling experience.

Travel Ease is composed of the following essences: Black Tourmaline, Covellite, Smoky Quartz, White Violet, Yarrow.

Travel Ease is also available as spray (60ml).

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