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Douglas Aster

Endless expansion while maintaining centre; savouring life experience; living fully and consciously; promotes courage and adaptability.

Chakra: Heart.
Meridians: Kidney, Governing Vessel.
Element: Water.

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We can only feel expansive and manifest our inner shaman when we are connected to our source. Then whatever turbulence we encounter is easily weathered. This flower reminds us to savour experience and helps us to find our centre/source/ god-ness within, for this is our true nature. It's strength is its adaptability.

This essence helps us to attune more easily with our senses and sensory experience without losing ourselves in the process of participating in life to the fullest. It heightens perception so that we are able to appreciate the celestial energies underlying physical manifestations. When we experience life at this level, our hearts are filled with gratitude.

Douglas Aster also helps us to stay centred in the face of many demands.
  • Essence type : flower essence
  • stock or dosage : Stock
  • Latin name : Aster subspicatus
  • Size : 25ml dropper bottle

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