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Repatterning cellular memory; letting in the light.

Chakra: Heart.
Meridian: Heart.
Element: Fire.
Diatoms are immortal. Single celled organisms do not die. They reproduce themselves as carbon copies of the first Diatom. In this way they manifest infinite potential through adaptability They appear in many different shapes and sizes -spirals, triangles, circles with intricate patterns of which no two are the same. And they don't appear at all to the naked eye except as shimmering light.

Diatom essence can be used where the dharma or purpose of a cell has been forgotten as in cases of cancer and degenerative disease. Diatom will enlighten the cell and assist with it's return to normal if that is the soul's intent.

The phosphorescent shimmer in the Indian Ocean guided one of the space shuttles back to earth. As an essence Diatom has the potential to guide earthlings back to heaven and/or to bring heaven to earth.

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sea essence
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Amphipleura pellucida
25ml dropper bottle

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