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For courage, strength, and power rooted in stability and flexibility.

Chakra: Heart.
Meridian: Kidney.
Element: Water.
Surfgrass encourages integration of opposites by embracing paradox. Then true courage can be achieved - the courage to be.*

t is a remedy to achieve goals, not from ego desire, but from that place within ourselves which knows our life purpose. In this regard it is particularly useful for athletes who strive for excellence - to express their god self in their activity. Surfgrass strengthens the will and provides us with our second wind.

It benefits the Kidney and physically affects kidney dis-ease, infections, inflammations and calcifications. It balances the adrenal glands and allows us to use adrenaline in a life supporting manner -""stress without distress"". Emotionally, Surfgrass alleviates fear and helps us to move into our seat of courage, the Heart chakra.

In Chinese medicine Kidney stores the vital essence, or life force, and governs the energy reserves of the entire body. It plays a vital role in the maintenance of homeostasis in the physical. Surfgrass affects the larger definition of homeostasis, i.e. balance and harmony among body, spirit, and emotion.

Surfgrass types can be wishy-washy and undirected or wilful and self-destructive. This essence helps to harmonize this polarity.

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sea essence
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phyllospadix scouleri
25ml dropper bottle

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