What are flower essences?

The purest vibration of nature is present in the blossoms of flowers, trees and other plants. The frequency of these vibrations interacts with the human energy field to harmonise the emotions, calm and clear the mind and bring about a sense of peace and well-being which are necessary prerequisites for good health. Each type of flower holds a special pattern which imparts a particular healing energy.

Flower essences contain the energetic healing pattern of flowers infused in water and preserved with alcohol or red shiso. Flower essences can be used in conjunction with any type of therapy or treatment, whether allopathic or holistic. In addition, they have no side effects and can be used by everyone, including pregnant women, newborn babies and the elderly. Flower essences are not medicines. They are not a substitute for proper medication, but they are a safe and natural way to help you and your family stay healthy and well-balanced.

Dr. Edward Bach discovered the first flower essences in England in the 1930s. In his practice, Dr. Bach realised that he was treating his patients’ symptoms but that the real cause of many of their ailments was emotional. He considered that illness was a sign of an emotional imbalance or negative emotional state and that real healing occurred when emotional balance was re-established. This realisation led Bach from allopathic medicine, to homeopathy and finally to the discovery of the healing quality of flowers. The first 38 flower essences, known as the Bach Flowers, are now widely known throughout the world. For forty years the Bach flowers stood alone, but at the end of the 1970s other essences, made from other flowers began to appear. Today there are thousands of flower essences from all over the world.

Many people feel confused by the thousands of new flower essences that Nature has provided. Certain go as far as to say that they are only imitations of no interest. But if we accept Dr. Bach’s theory that flowers have an energetic signature that can balance our emotions and mental patterns, is it reasonable to think that this is limited to a few English flowers? The Bach flowers are a reflection of the 1930s (the period between the two World Wars, the Great Depression), just as the contemporary essences are a response to the challenges of modern life. Today’s world is not the world of the 1930s, our worries and preoccupations have changed over the last 70 years. The flower essences that have been made since the end of the 1970s reflect not only the changes in our society but also our growing desire to explore and expand our human potential. Although they address emotional problems, the new flower essences are particularly useful for helping us deal with contemporary issues such as adapting to change, increasing our creativity, improving communication, and getting in touch with our spirituality.

At the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s we saw a rebirth of the flower essence phenomenon. People in the USA, Canada, France, Australia and elsewhere began to feel drawn to Nature and the creation of new flower essences to complement the Bach flowers. Many of the new producers were inspired by the work of Bach and most of them use his method for making flower essences.

During the 1990s there began a definite trend towards making flower essences more accessible to a larger public. Several producers have developed flower essence cards, which can be used in a variety of ways to help us pick an appropriate essence. Combination essences have also become popular. During the 1990s we also saw the appearance of flower essences that are more openly spiritual in nature as well as essences that help us deal with issues of transgenerational clearing and repatterning of cellular memory.

At the beginning of the 21st century the trend has been to blend flower essences with essentials oils for massage oils, creams, or sprays (for details on how to use essences in sprays, please read our related article). This follows the growing awareness and acceptance of the fact that flower essences are energetic, vibrational remedies that only need to be introduced into our energy field to start working. The Pacific EssencesAustralian Bush Flower Essences and Terre & Cosmos ranges are moving in this direction.

Other vibrational remedies have also been created, from the energetic signature of minerals (Crystal Energy Essences) and animals (Pacific Essences and Wild Earth Animal Essences), as well as from the infusion of other energies into water (Terre & Cosmos).

Flower essences and other vibrational remedies are not medicines. Nor are they substitutes for proper medical attention.