Tall Yellow Top

Tall Yellow Top

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Negative condition: Alienation; loneliness; isolation.
Positive outcome: Sense of belonging; acceptance of self and others; knowing that you are ""home""; ability to reach out.
This Essence is for alienation. There is no feeling of connection or sense of belonging to family, workplace, country, self, etc. Often as a consequence of this alienation the head, or intellect, takes over from the heart. As many people have been in this state for a long time, Tall Yellow Top will often need to be used for longer periods, sometimes for up to 6-8 weeks without a break. It is important when in this state to reach out to others for support. Be patient with the results from this Essence if it appears to be a little slow in acting. The results are well worth waiting for.

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flower essence
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Senecio magnificus
15ml dropper bottle

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