Gymea Lily

Gymea Lily

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Negative condition: Arrogant; attention seeking; craving status and glamour; dominating and over-riding personality.
Positive outcome: Humility; allowing others to express themselves and contribute; awareness; appreciation and taking notice of others.
Also known as the Giant Lily, this extraordinary plant bears large red flowers on a huge terminal head atop a stem of up to four metres high. Being so high the flowers are not seen clearly from the ground. This remedy is for excessive pride and arrogance and helps bring about humility. The Essence is for reaching up to the energy of arrogance and transforming it to achieve great heights. It gives strength to those who are ahead of their peers and helps them to stay at the top. Gymea Lily is also very beneficial for people whose personalities are very intense or extrovert, or those who are dominating, demanding and very charismatic who usually get their way. It is also for people who like to be seen and noticed and who seek glamour and status.

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flower essence
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Doryanthes excelsa
15ml dropper bottle

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