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Emergency Kit for Animals

Emergency Kit for Animals

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The Emergency Kit for Animals proposed by Pacific Essences includes the five element combination sprays (fire, earth, metal, water, wood) and Balancer spray.

Pacific Essences® for Animals correlates their essences to the Meridian System of Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.), providing a deeper understanding of and support for your animal’s current holistic state. The effectiveness of the essences does not require a background in T.C.M. They are user friendly.

It is useful to have on hand a first aid kit for your animals, in much the same way that you do for you and your family. When an animal first shows signs of illness or just seems out of sorts, you can use these essences to stabilise the situation and provide energetic support before taking the animal to the vet or as a complement to veterinary treatment.

Directions for use:

These are the same high quality essence combinations as used for humans only in an easy to use spray bottle for animals. No Essential Oil/Aromatherapy added.

2–3 light sprays directly on animal or mist your hand and apply to the animal.

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