Vigne (Vine)

Vigne (Vine)

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Dominating, tyrant, bully, demands obedience; loving leader and teacher, setting all at liberty.

Capable people who are certain of themselves and tend to use their authority to gain power and dominate others. May be arrogant, ambitious, bossy, exacting, rigid, strict, lacking in sympathy, violent, cruel, demand obedience. They are leaders who while they may be of great value in emergency tend to be ruthless in obtaining their own ends, can be tyrants and dictators. Tends to heavy chest development, big stature, often suffer from extreme tension, physical stiffness, back problems, high blood pressure. Vine flower essence helps the dominant to become supportive, the assertive to become receptive and the demanding to become generous.

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flower essence
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Vitis vinifera
10ml dropper bottle

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