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Connecting up - spray 50ml

Connecting up - spray 50ml

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To connect to our Higher Self and the spiritual realms

In today's world many people feel alone and disconnected from every-one and everything. Yet we are all connected at some level, not only to each other but to our Higher Self and everything in the Universe.

Being able to feel that connection allows us to rise above the hassle of daily life to see the bigger picture. It also opens up avenues of spiritual awareness that can bring comfort and joy into our life.

Connecting up cleanses our energy field and aligns our chakras so that we can experience a clear connection with All that Is. It offers protection from lower astral influences during meditation or when seeking guidance from the spiritual realms.

Connecting up is a synergy of essences from the following 6 essences ranges:  Alaska (Blue-green Tourmaline, Stone Circle), Crystal Energy (Lepidolite), Deva (Lotus), Pacific (Staghorn agae), South Africa (Corn, Chestnut), and Spirit-in-Nature (Date).

Our 50ml  spray is made with essential oils of Himalayan cedarwood, lavender, frankincense, sweet orange and white grapefruit. It is for external use only.

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