Wild Earth Animal Essences

The Wild Earth Animal Essences are made by Daniel Mapel in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, USA. Daniel has worked as a wilderness guide in Wyoming and a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa. He is also a counselor specialised in working with adult survivors of childhood abuse. His close personal connection to wild animals and Nature led him to create the Wild Earth Animal Essences in 1995.

The Wild Earth Animal Essences are made during a ceremonial process in the wild that includes attuning with and invoking the spirit of the animal involved. The resulting liquid contains the energy of the animal but does not contain any animal parts (no animals are captured or harmed in the development of these essences). When one takes an animal essence, it is the consciousness of the animal that interacts with our own consciousness. This interaction occurs in a gentle, supportive  way.

The Wild Earth Animal Essences are a bridge between the animals and humankind, a tool through which we can allow the gifts of the animals to serve our own spiritual journeys. Because everything in the universe is interconnected in an indivisible whole, we are able, through using animal essences, to tap directly into the gifts and powers of the wild animals.

The energies of the wild animals and the animal essences can help us to expand spiritually and to tap into those higher aspects of ourselves that we have not yet fully claimed. Each animal embodies a unique aspect of the Divine. For example, eagles resonate with the vibration of vision and inspiration, doves embody a deep quality of peace and centeredness, and deers embody the qualities of mindful attention and gentleness. Whenever there is an aspect of spiritual expansion that we wish to claim for ourselves, the animal essences can help us. This is the main reason that many turn to these essences  to benefit from the strength, power and gifts that the animals embody and bring to us.

At the same time, animal essences can help us to uncover, explore, and heal wounded aspects of ourselves that need to be embraced before we can move to the next level of our own development. We often see that when taking an essence for the first time, a person does not immediately experience the positive qualities of the animals. Instead, he or she is led down a path of "emotional housecleaning" which brings to the surface unfinished emotional material that needs to be healed before the full light and power of the specific animal can be experienced.

The Wild Child Essences
his new set of Wild Child Essences provides powerful support for facing, embracing, and healing unresolved wounds caused by the hurtful actions of others when we were children (and support for actual children today who have experienced such hurts). While the first set of Wild Child Essences (Bear Cub, Dolphin Calf, Elephant Calf, Fawn,Lion Cub, Wolf Pup) focused on supporting the natural developmental needs in childhood, and addressing the issues that arise when these basic needs are not met. The second set of Wild Child Essences (Badger Cub, Bat Pup, Cygnet, Hippopotamus,Calf, Robin Chick, Wild Forse Foal) are designed specifically to support the active healing of unresolved wounds caused by traumatic or abusive experiences and events. These essences provide gentle, loving support for nurturing our Inner Child, encouraging us to express feelings of anger and pain that have been locked away since childhood, so that we can release them and fully let them go.

How do these differ from the adult essences of the same name? The deepest gift of this set of Wild Child Essences is their ability to go right to our inner depths, to the heart of our deepest child self who was hurt, providing nurturing and support for uncovering and releasing the deep feelings that need to be released in order for healing to occur. These baby animal essences approach the issue from the child’s perspective, assisting the child within us to open up to receiving the necessary support for releasing long held pain.

These essences are equally effective for adults and children and they work especially well in combination with Inner Work and other essences from the Healing Path set.

How to use:
Animal Essences may be used in the same fashion as flower essences and other vibrational remedies.They can be taken together and in combination with other vibrational remedies, though it is recommended that a period of 15 minutes be allowed between the consumption of animal essences and other vibrational remedies.

For best results, take 5-7 drops of an essence in a glass of water, three to four times per day, for two to three weeks before making an evaluation as to its effectiveness.