The South African Essences

The South African Flower Essences are made by Jannet Unite-Penny on the slopes of Table Mountain (Cape Peninsula) which is considered to be a sacred place of healing and the point of convergence of all of the leylines of the African continent. Over seventy indigenous plants have been used to make these flower essences, as well as some eighty others which are not indigenous but carry the energy of the African soil. 

 Sometimes it is possible to read the description of the usage of an essence and to understand, or know intuitively, that it is needed. However, because of the subtle levels of energy i which these essences operate, it is often advisable to consult your subconscious or Higher Self and to test for their use with a pendulum or kinesiology.

The South African essences often work together in denominations of seven. Using a single essence may have a more powerful effect; however, if your testing indicates seven different essences, as often happens, these will fuse together and create the right energy pattern for our gentle transformation.

You can make up dosage bottles by adding 7 drops of each essence to a mixture of 30 percent brandy and 70% spring water. Take the essences at least 4 times a day, seven if you can, especially on rising the retiring, seven drops in a glass of water.

The essences can also be of benefit when used externally by applying them directly to pulse points or on chakras, by adding them to massage oils or by putting  few drops in your bath.