Ile de Lumière Essences

The Ile de Lumière essences come from my garden. I have been working with the land since 1984 and particularly over the last 20 years. I learned to communicate and co-create with Nature here, thanks to the Perelandra Processes of Machaelle Small Wright. Since 2002 this work has deepened and expanded. I am very grateful to the land and the many Beings, visible and invisible, animate and inanimate, that inhabit it. These are their essences.

The Ile de Lumière Essences include 9 individual essences and 3 combination essences. They are stabilised with red shiso (perilla frutescens) that is also grown here in the garden. I made 6 of these essences for the first time in 2002 but they were for me, not for sharing. Then in May 2009 I knew that Nature was ready to offer her essences to the world and the Ile de Lumière Essences were born.

The Ile de Lumière essences resonate with the number 3 and multiples of 3. There are 9 individual essences (3x3) and 3 combination essences composed of 3 essences each. Three is the number of unity: the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost); Body, Mind and Spirit; or conscious, subconscious, superconscious. In the number 3 we recognise how the joining together of the parts creates the whole, we recognise our unity with the various part of ourselves, with others, with the other kingdoms (animal, mineral, vegetable as well as angelic, devic, elemental).

These essences represent unity, and harmony and helping each other - all qualities that are needed in today’s world.

Peggy Rada

Directions for use: take 3, 6, or 9 drops, preferably 3 times a day, for 21 days, or follow your intuition or the advice of your health care practitioner