Green Hope Farm Essences

Molly Sheehan has worked for many years with the Angels and Elementals of Green Hope Farm (New Hampshire, USA) to create gardens of great light, healing power and beauty. The flowers from these gardens, which have a very high vibration, are used to make the Green Hope Farm flower essences. In addition, these essences are stabilised using Red Shiso vinegar which adds an additional healing energy to the essences. We are currently stocking a selection of the Farm essences, and the Bermuda essences as well as the combination essences, including those especially for animals.

You can take Essences routinely in the morning just as you  might take vitamins or you can use them sporadically. Some days you might take them frequently and other days not at all. Let your intuition guide you.

Some of the literature on essences written 60 years ago, is very firm about not taking more than a few essences at a time. This is somewhat like reading a driver's manual for a Model T Ford when you are now driving a Lexus. Your electrical system does not resemble what it would have looked like in 1937 nor does it look the same as it did in 1987 or even in 1997. You and your electrical system are in the process of rapid vibratory change. You have evolved to the point where you can safely take as many essences as you are prompted to take. There is no longer any point in any dogma about flower essences.

How then do you decide which essences your system needs? Molly Sheehan encourages people to trust their hearts when taking essences. When you feel prompted to use them some possible ways to choose which ones to take include following your intuition, doing muscle testing or dowsing, using the information provided on the healing pattern of each Essences, or being guided by Spirit or your own Godself. Kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, is one way to being working with Flower Essences because it offers a very concrete and specific approach. Kinesiology can help you specifically identify which Essences to take, how much to use and when to take them.

Animal Wellness Collection

Green Hope Farm offers you and the animals in your life an expanded collection of Flower Essence combination remedies for animals. The 22 Animal Wellness Collection remedies offer healing vibrational energy to animals and their electrical systems. Each remedy serves the animals' emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being in specific ways. Each of these combination essences  reflects Green Hope Farms’ years of experience serving the animals in your life. 

Animal Wellness Collection: how to use it
(suggestions from Green Hope Farm Flower Essences)

Possible ways to use these remedies include putting three to five drops of an Animal Wellness Collection remedy in an animal's water dish each day. You also can put the drops directly in an animal's mouth, on the pad of a foot or on the outside of an animal's ear twice a day. Flower Essences work when they are introduced into an animal's electrical field. You can use any method which accomplishes this. Care should be taken to rinse the dropper before it is put back in the bottle if it touches anything outside the bottle. This keeps your remedies clear and potent.

If you get a prompting to use a remedy with a name or description which does not fit the situation, we encourage you to try the remedy. These remedies are more versatile than their descriptions. 

Animals can take more than one remedy at a time. Animals are very wise about Flower Essences. If an animal in your household drinks from another animal's water which contains Animal Wellness remedies, this is usually because the animal wants and needs the remedies too. If an animal drinks water that contains a remedy which the animal does not need, this will cause no problems.  The electrical energies of the unnecessary Essences will move through the animal's electrical system unused. 

If you want to use an Animal Wellness Collection remedy, please do. This Collection is for people too!