Laboratoire Deva

Laboratoire DEVA was founded in 1986 by Philippe Deroide. It is situated in the Alpes, in the heart of the Vercors mountains which are famous for the richness and diversity of its vegetation.

The DEVA flower essences are made from wild flowers growing in the Alps, the Massif Central and the Mediterranean basin. DEVA also makes flower essences from plants which originate in the desert, the tropics and other areas of the planet. They maintain several bio-dynamic, organic gardens where they grow these plants. The DEVA flower essences are prepared according to the original method of Dr. Bach and all of the various stages of preparation are carried out manually.

 To choose your essences: ask yourself the following question : What issues are most important to me right now ? Check the list of essences and select one or more essences corresponding to your situation. Focus on using just a few essences at a time. It is quite usual to select three to five essences together at the same time. Five is the maximum we suggest people work with.

How to take
The essences are most commonly taken orally, sipped in a little water, several times per day. Alternatively, you can dilute three drops of each essence that you need into a 30 ml dropper bottle containing a solution of 75% water and 25% brandy. DEVA flower essences can also be used topically and added to creams, oils and to bath-water.

In most cases, the essences should be taken three times daily over a period of 10 days to four weeks.

They should be kept them in a cool, dark place, away from toxic substances.