Crystal Energy Essences

Crystal Energy Essences contain the energetic imprint of minerals, stabilised in a decoction of red shiso and white vinegar.  They are bottled in violet glass to preserve their high frequency and energetic quality.

Crystal Energy Essences work at the energetic level to enhance the latent abilities which lie within each of us.  Humanity at this time in its evolution must purge fear and allow love to emerge as the dominant sound.  This means that we must change. Many of the Crystal Energy Essences work on the heart level and most of them help to eradicate fear.  The high vibratory rate of the Crystal Energy Essences acts as a magnet, drawing the slow frequency energy of fear and other toxic emotions up into the light to be transmuted.

The Crystal Energy Essences can be mixed with other vibrational remedies in the same bottle. 

How To use:
The Crystal Energy Essences can be taken orally (seven drops in a glass of water) or externally: for example: rubbing several drops into the palms of the hands and/or the soles of the feet, placing the essence on the chakras or acupuncture points (test to determine which ones). The essences can also be sprayed into the aura. In addition you can fill a small vial and carry it in a pocket. This provides a continuous input of higher frequency energy which in turn creates an energetic space in which the person can change. The Crystal Energy Essences can, of course, be taken internally if preferred. They can also be mixed with other vibrational remedies in the same bottle.

There is no limit as to how many Crystal Energy Essences may be taken together at one time.  However it would seem that best results are obtained by taking the essences one at a time, or in groups of three.

The same is true for dosage. While as a general rule the Crystal Energy Essences should be taken for a period of 21 days, this may vary according to the person and the situation.