Essences and animals

The world of essences and the world of animals are very close. Animals see and sense things that are normally beyond our reach and therefore they have an immediate and very open response to the energetic qualities of the essences.

Role of animals

Animals possess thoughts, feelings and emotions which are similar to those experienced by humans, and in many cases mirror the emotional state of their “owners”. They help us by absorbing energetically some of the disharmony which we are emitting in our own auras when we are stressed, emotionally distraught or physically ill. Have you ever noticed how an animal will stay by your side when you are not well? Some say that it is part of their life path to help us in this manner.

Animals also have their own issues such as sadness, timidity, jealousy, fear, adapting to change. Essences are a marvelous and natural way to help your pet live a harmonious and balanced life.

Selecting essences

One of the best ways to find out what your animal needs is to use kinesiology or pendulum dowsing. Another way is to carefully observe the behaviour of the animal and try to find an essence description that fits. Getting in touch with your own feelings may show you what is going on with your pet. It is not uncommon for «owner» and pet to need the same remedies. Although ALL essences are appropriate for animals, Green Hope Farm has developed the Animal Wellness Collection of 22 combination essences and Pacific Essences a range of 18 combination sprays for animals.  Below are a few suggestions of which essences may be useful for animals.

Administering essences

There are several ways to administer essences to animals:

  • You can put the drops directly in the animal’s mouth, have him lick the drops out of your hand, or place the drops on his skin.
  • You can put the drops in the animal’s water.
  • You can put 7 drops in 50 ml of water and spray on the animal.

A few suggestions

For any emergency situation, shock, trauma, accident:

For jealousy:

For animals who always want attention and who are upset when left alone:

For animals who are grieving the loss of a loved one (human or animal):

For animals who are aggressive, bark a lot or have a tendency to bite:

For animals who absorb too much negativity from their “owners”: