Essences and Children

Flower essences are particularly effective and fast acting for children, including babies. Parents would spare themselves and their children much unhappiness if they would develop the “flower essence reflex” when they notice that their child is “out of sorts” or “coming down with something”.

Giving birth

Flower essences will ease the trauma of birth for new born babies and mothers alike. At birth there is a very strong energetic bond between mother and child, so often the baby and mother might need some of the same essences. Essences are also useful for dealing with minor difficulties such as colic, skin rashes, crying fits.

Administering to babies

Flower essences can be given to babies in several ways:

  • A drop can be placed on the top of the head.
  • 7 to 10 drops can be put in their bath water.
  • One or two drops can be put in their bottle.


Young children are very intuitive (society has not yet conditioned them to stop listening to their inner voice) and therefore are often able to pick the remedies which they need. The use of flower essence cards (Australian Bush, DEVA, Pacific Essences) is another way to allow children (as well as adults) to intuitively choose their essences.

Family problems

Children are profoundly affected by what is happening in the family, although they may not show it. If your family is going through a difficult time (divorce, unemployment, grieving, financial difficulties) do not assume that your children are not affected! Testing them for flower essences will give you insight into the way they are internalising their surroundings. Helping them to clear these emotions through the use of flower essences, may also help them avoid problems such as fears, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, eating disorders.

Indigo children

Flower essences are also a wonderful and safe way to help Indigo children receive the love and support that they need to attain their full potential.


Adolescence is a difficult transition time, and flower essences can have a profound impact on children during this period. Essences will help in the development of communication skills, social skills, emotional stability, self-acceptance. They work remarkably well for the mood swings and general grumpiness which are so characteristic of adolescence. If parents also take essences it will help them to understand and support their children, as well as provide insights into their own behaviour.

School and exams

Flower essences can help children with school work and exams. They increase concentration, focus and self-confidence, and provide protection from stressful environments during examinations.

A few suggestions

To ease birth trauma for mothers and babies:

To help children adjust to change (going to school, new baby in the family, etc.):

To help children adjust to the pain of separation:

To help children move through adolescence with ease and self-confidence: