Pacific: One People DVD

Pacific: One People DVD

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Heart-opener par excellence.

Set to the song ""One People"" by Morry Stearns, it is a soul stirring, yet emotionally uplifting presentation. The song leads you through a series of images that illustrate the message Morry is singing about.

Help promote “One People, One World” consciousness in your part of the world!

This DVD slideshow is a heart-opener par excellence. Set to the song ""One People"", it is a soul stirring, yet emotionally uplifting presentation. Some of the photos are utterly beautiful, while others - some you have seen before - are sure to evoke your sense of compassion for mankind.

The slideshow lasts a mere 7 minutes, but its message will last in your heart long after it's over. This DVD is for all of us who want to open our hearts and heal our differences. Indeed as each of us is able to maintain a vibration of peace and oneness within ourselves and in our homes, the vibration of these qualities emanates out onto the planet and we do make a difference.

The song is in English with sub-titles in 7 languages: French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Spanish and Tibetan. Many of the historic images are explained in the end credits, making it an interesting and useful class presentation for educators.

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