Rough Bluebell

Rough Bluebell

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Negative condition: Deliberately hurtful, manipulative, exploitive or malicious.
Positive outcome: Compassion; release of one's inherent love vibration; sensitivity.
This Essence was made in the spiritual centre of Australia in the Olgas also known as Katajuta by the Aborigines. This is an Essence to help people fully express the love vibration innate within them. Rough Bluebell is for people who are very manipulative and for those who are deliberately malicious and use people, either subtly or openly. It is different from Kangaroo Paw which is for those who hurt or ignore the needs of others in an unconscious way. This Essence can be for those who play the role of the martyr and like to have others obligated to them. They are aware of the needs of others but want love and affection for themselves and are not concerned about or unable to give it back.

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flower essence
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Trichodesma zeylanicum
15ml dropper bottle

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