Lighten Up Spray

Lighten Up Spray

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Lighten Up is one of the four Sacred Space Sprays. It is designed to increase your ability to embody light. Its overall effect is to uplift, energize, inspire and nourish.
For external use only. Also available as drops.

Lighten Up was created specifically for people who suffer from light deprivation, either because of where they live (extreme northern or southern latitudes), the limitations of their living environment (in a dark house or apartment) or because of the quality of their energy system (energy pathways blocked or undeveloped).

Lighten Up Spray utilizes the refreshing, sparkling and uplifting properties of Blood Orange, Bulgarian Lavender, Combava Petitgrain, Lemon Myrtle, and Ylang Ylang Extra essential oils to complement the qualities of the Lighten Up combination essence.

Use the Lighten Up Spray when you want to bring more light and energy into your aura, especially during the long winter months and when you are tired and overwhelmed from too much work. Spray your surroundings, after they have been cleansed with Purification Spray, when you want to enhance and increase the circulation of light and energy in your living and working environments.

For additional information on this spray, please refer to the Lighten Up combination description.

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