Calm the mind essence

Calm the mind essence

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This Combination Essence from the South African range helps the body stabilise after disruption and assists in calming the mind, bringing moderation, a sense of tranquillity and peace. It also facilitates the transmutation of old pain which can result in a recommitment to life.

In an uncertain world where things that one took to be set in stone are proved to be in flux, where shifting sands undermine stability and nothing is assured, the disruption of daily routines can shake the foundations of one’s being.

In actual context, the genuine threat of infection, which requires high standards of hygiene, combined with the external prescription of social interaction, adds to the pervasive uneasiness that is understandably destabilising. Old buried patterns of fear, abandonment, pain or anger, may also surface threatening one’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

This Combination Essence contains the following essences: Crab apple, Bauhinia, Loquat, Holly, Oak, Orange, White Geranium

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