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5th Chakra Blend

The 5th, or Vishudha chakra located at the base of the throat, is a deep, pure blue, representing the expansive element of ether, a place – metaphysically speaking – more calm than the moving vibrations of time or space. It can help to process emotions, to speak one’s truth, calmly and influentially, and to pursue special talents. 

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This chakra blend contains the following flower essences:

Apple Essence for the peaceful clarity of a calm mind that is dynamic and focused; and to be always “calmly active and actively calm” in thought and action.

Banana Essence for its humility rooted in calmness; to recognize greater realities beyond your own; for emotional stillness, like a breath of fresh air!

Lettuce Essence for a calmness that is energized and concentrated; to help in processing emotions; for conscious speech; and to support the creativity of this chakra.

Helps to Overcome:

  • boredom
  • nervousness
  • restlessness
  • confusion
  • spacey-ness
  • darting thoughts and fidgety behaviors
  • Essence type : combination
  • stock or dosage : Stock
  • Size : 15ml dropper bottle

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