2nd Chakra Blend

2nd Chakra Blend

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The 2nd, or Swadisthana chakra located at the sacral center in the area near the sexual organs, in the warming color of orange, expresses the element of water with its message of flexibility and fluid movement toward non-attachment. 

The 2nd chakra blend contains these flower essences:

Almond Essence for its moral vigor, or integrity, self control or moderation in all activities and thoughts, and it’s interiorized yet strong flow of energy.

Blackberry Essence for innocent purity of thought in transitioning from the simplicity of the 1st chakra, and sense of honor, seeing the best in others, and intuitive perception, as well as an awareness of higher realities.

Fig Essence for a water-like flexibility to “go with the flow” and also for relaxed self-acceptance, as well as a sense of humor.

Helps to Overcome:

  • “wishy-washy” indecisiveness
  • unhelpful thoughts
  • door-mat behaviors
  • overcoming life’s many losses and letting them go with the ability to move forward
  • non-committal behavior
  • non-discrimination
  • non-discerning attitudes
  • being harshly perfectionistic and over-disciplining with oneself

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