1st Chakra Blend

1st Chakra Blend

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The 1st, or Muladhara chakra at the coccyx center, represents the earth element and the color red. Its positive attributes are steadfastness, loyalty, perseverance, and embracing what is true. 

The 1st chakra blend contains the following essences:

Spinach Essence for simplicity, guilelessness, and straightforwardness. The 1st is the simplest of all 7 chakras, with its childlike yet deep connection to Nature and a functional, nurtured, secure “child-within” vibe.

Strawberry Essence for its roots in dignity and grounding in the earth and its fixity of purpose that manifests both an inner and outer beauty.

Tomato Essence for its firm, steadfast nature that can be still, enduring, strong, and courageous, with a joyful, warrior-like will power. 

Helps to Overcome:

  • heaviness
  • stubbornness
  • “stuckness”
  • insecurity
  • fear
  • attachment
  • the inability to grow as needed

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