Mary Queen of Scots Rose

Mary Queen of Scots Rose

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To dissolve long standing feuds and deep enmity, for internal as well as external conflict. -- Garden Essence --

Abundant, delicate, dark pink blossoms cover this ancient scotchbriar rose. Part of the new collection of roses at the farm, Jayn and I did our fair share of clucking and fussing over these new babies. This rose struck up a conversation early on, telling me how important it was that I make it into an Essences as soon as possible. ""I help dissolve long standing feuds and deep enmity between people and groups of people. I AM the ancient wisdom that knows a path beyond disharmony and hatred. I soften the heart and illuminate the truth in such a way that inner and outer conflict drop away, insubstantial and illusory, melting as snow on a warm spring day.""
One of the first people to use this Essence tried it to help with problems in her marriage. Her marriage was a long saga in which stepchildren and money had been great areas of disagreement. She and her husband took the Essence with a certain amount of cynicism. Financial mediators and therapists had not healed this vast divide. How could a flower? Within days of starting to take the Essence, common ground about finances and family was found between them. Profound financial decisions were made and followed through with. The decisions supported the marriage and their joint future. Gone was the rigid pattern of his money for his kids and her money for her kids. Peace and harmony reigned and no one had lost their head. If only Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots had tried Flower Essences.

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flower essence
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Rosa 'Mary Queen of Scots'
15ml dropper bottle

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