Painkiller Plant

Painkiller Plant

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Transmutation of painful circumstances into fully integrated wisdom. -- Bermuda Essence --

Native to the East Indies but found throughout the West Indies as well, this is one fascinating flowering shrub. The flowers are small but brilliant white blossoms which grow directly out of an irregular shaped fruit. As the trumpet like white blossoms drop away, the fruit increases in size, growing into an odd, fist sized, green fruit covered in irregular geometric configurations. In the West Indies, people use the plant's leaves to relieve headaches and heal sprains or other orthopedic injuries.
I believe it is a very significant Essence. It has this strong yet exquisite power. Its pure, perfectly formed blossoms springing from a misshapen fruit, speak to me of its ability to transform painful situations into transcendent ones.

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flower essence
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Morinda citrifolia
15ml dropper bottle

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