Violet Trasmuting Flame Violet

Violet Trasmuting Flame Violet

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This essence holds the vibration of the Violet Transmuting Flame which can erase negativity from our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies. It supports any forgiveness work. -- Garden Essence --

Our reunion process with our Fifth dimensional self brings downloading of much inner garbage. The closer we draw to our Divine selves, the more the negativity stored in our bodies comes forward to be transmuted. We need to love ourselves enough to use the great tools available to us and to keep on using the tools when the cleansing process feels overwhelming.
One great tool is the Violet Transmuting Flame. A cosmic dispensation was given mankind whereby we can use this Violet Transmuting Flame to permanently erase negativity from our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies. Call in the entities who work with this flame; Ascended Master St. Germain, Archangel Zadkiel, Holy Beloved Amethyst, the Angels of the Violet Flame, Diana and Oromasis. Then visualize the flame moving through your four lower bodies. It is an actual Violet flame cleansing every cell of your being. One invocation which St. Germain suggests is: ""I AM the Cosmic Law of Forgiveness and the Violet Transmuting Flame of all the mistakes I have ever made."" It is particularly powerful when we can feel genuine forgiveness for ourselves as we use the flame. It is a great service to visualize the flame moving through all mankind and all Earth as well.
The Violet Transmuting Flame Violet Flower Essence tunes us to the frequency of the Violet Flame. Made from a violet with the unusual warm hue of the Violet Transmuting Flame, this is a good Essence to use to support any forgiveness work you are embarked upon and to use before working with the actual flame. We offer a more complete description of working with the Violet Transmuting Flame. Just check the box on our order blank to receive this free handout.

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